December 02, 2009

I am Blessed

Today, I am delighting in all the beautiful blessings that God has given us. Today, we awoke to a breathtaking view. Snow flurries were pouring down onto rooftops and tree branches and a thick layer of snow smothered the grass. It was an amazing sight and unusual this early in north Texas. But we enjoyed every moment of it. And now, I sit at my computer, grateful for all that this season holds. There is much to be grateful for!

Three years ago, our Christmas tree would have sat perfectly in one spot, untouched but admired. Today, there are ornaments nearly falling off the branches, others are lying on the ground beside the tree. I look all around my home and find traces of my little boy. He has really made our house a “home”. In my room, on the floor, sit three mini toy trains and miniature house shoes, or as my son calls them, “house boots”. My family room almost resembles a child’s playroom with books and papers scattered about, toys and mini cars covering the coffee table. I see our “mess” and I smile. I love it. I love the “realness” that my son brings to our home. We are blessed to have a son and I am completely aware that he is God’s gift to us, a treasure that we have been entrusted with but for a moment. Time passes so quickly that I just want to stop and savor all the goodness that God has placed before us.

Today, a baby boy is being born to special friends of ours. Yesterday, another close friend was blessed with the birth of twin boys. And within days, another special family member will give birth to a baby girl. God just seems to be pouring out His love all around us and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Life, with all its imperfections and hurts, can sometimes cause us to fear and doubt our actual worth to such an enormous God. Asking ourselves, “does He really see me and care?”  But as we stop to look all around us, we can usually see how all the little things that make us smile are daily gifts from a loving God. There IS so much to be grateful for. God has given us a warm home, food in our pantry, friends and family that love us, the gift of joy that children bring, and today, the beauty of snow, if even for just a few hours. My husband James and I may not be considered wealthy in the eyes of this world, but I have never felt more full and blessed than I do in this season of life. And I only have Christ to thank for all that is good and for all that makes me smile.

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