March 02, 2011

Growing and Stretching

I am learning every day.  I am definitely in a phase of life that is much about growing, learning, and...sssstttrrrretchiinng.  Some things, I am re-learning.  Such as, this morning, I came across a blog post that discussed "hurrying" through the day.  Perhaps not taking time to attend to the important, but sometimes, overlooked things.  Like little hugs and kisses on tiny faces and hands.  Or taking a minute to just lay next to my growing little boy at bedtime and remind him that he is so important to me.  I have definitely been there this past week and a half.  I have been "hurrying" through the day to check things off my list.  My husband has been traveling and it has left me busy and rushed.  I have though, stopped to notice that I have a much more pleasant attitude than I have during my husband's past travels.  I usually end up frustrated and exhausted and a bit whiny...just a bit.  :)  But this past week and a half is different.  Tiring? Yes.  Busy? Yes.  But I have remained pleasant and have taken some time to really appreciate being home with my children.  It is hard when my husband goes away for work, but I am grateful that I get to be home with my babies and watch them grow everyday.  
My point is, that even when I am noticing that God is helping become a better me, a more pleasant me, a less selfish me, I also still see where I can continue growing and He continues to stretch me. Sure, it's a little painful and I have a long way to go, but finally, I am noticing change.  I have needed some real change within me for a long time.  And with prayer, over and over, and knowing what it is that God expects from me, I will continue to grow and change into a much better me.  

Now off to make lunch for a hungry baby girl!

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