April 17, 2012


I love my "job".  I love being a mom.  I may not always have the right attitude on those hard days and in those hard days, I may not always feel completely contented in my role as "mother", but when I stop for a moment; amidst all the busy-ness, noise, and goings on in my home, I am grateful for this gift that I have been given of precious time with two wonderful souls.  

My heart melts every time my one year old daughter comes running to me the moment she feels pain or discomfort.  Like when her hair gets tangled in the buttons on her dress, she immediately runs to me and places her head against my leg in search of comfort.  She knows that I, her mother, will find exactly what it is that bothers her and if I do not know immediately, I will continue to search for an answer, and if I still can't find her problem, I will find the right people to help.  And I will comfort her all the while.   My son does the same.  He is five years old and way too "rough and tough", but when he is hurt he will immediately bury his head in my chest as if to hide from the world until his pain is gone.  He trusts that I will hold him and help all I can to ease his pain.  

My children look to me for comfort, shelter, love, food, direction, and guidance.  God has given me this role as mother to, along with my husband, provide these things for my children.  These things, these very necessary things, that I look to Christ for, my children look to me for.  I am to love and serve my children just as Jesus loved and served his disciples.  And I am to teach or disciple them so that when they are grown they will know that they too can look to Christ to fill these needs.  So while I may be a comforter and protector for my children while they are small, they will one day need to know that Christ is their ultimate comforter and protector.  

It is my job, my privilege, to train up these children in the knowledge of God, serve them, love them, and point them to a merciful God who will love them, and comfort them, and guide them as they make their way through this world.  

Thank you God for the privilege of mothering two beautiful and eternal souls. 

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