May 15, 2014

When I am Alone

It’s that time of evening again, when I have just finished tucking my kids into their beds, I walk away from my son’s room and I find myself…alone.  Husband is traveling again and it has been me and my two kids all day, for the past few days—weeks.  The days become muddled and long and all the “need-to-be-done’s” are neglected.  It is just me…alone…doing the best I can at keeping the house in decent shape, the meals prepared, the kids clean, the lessons planned, and just trying to be a home. 
But this is my alone time.  My alone time with God.  This is when I sit at His feet and pour my heart out to Him because He is the only one who can give me the peace and mental strength to continue.  He is the only one who will listen to the same complaints over and over and watch me not “get it” again, and He loves me anyway.  He is patient with me and lets me know that He is always by my side.  He encourages me and helps me feel- not alone. 

And so I continue.  I hold on to my ideals.  I keep striving for what God has laid on my heart and I keep striving to be the woman He knows that I can one day be.  And so if God loves me and if He is for me, then I am confident that I will make it through these demanding years, I will rise up out of these years stronger, wiser, and blessed. 

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