November 03, 2011

Learning to sloooww dowwwnnn

Today, I found myself rushing about, stressed and impatient.  Yuck!  My hubby is traveling on business which often leaves me flittering about nervous and rushed to get all the things done that “need” to get done…And then…I realized this morning, “what is sooooo important?”  It was the look of my precious one year old’s face that said, “I need you now and I am frustrated that you are not paying attention to me!”  Her little lip quivered and she had these begging eyes asking, “please, pick me up”.  So I did.  I picked her up, amid the rush of trying to get jackets on, shoes on, hats on, car keys in hand, etc…just so that we would not be late to my son’s preschool.  REALLY?!!!  Are these things so important that I cannot hold my daughter for a few minutes and offer comfort?  Wow!  I needed some perspective and her sweet little face gave me some perspective.  She needed me, and I, the person whom she is to depend on most, did not want to stop going, going, going. 

Breakfast dishes will not go anywhere, pajamas will soon be put away and laundered, sinks will eventually be cleaned up, floors will be swept again, but my daughter will either remember a mother who was available to her or a mother who was not someone she could depend on at any time.  I want to be the available mother.  I want her to know how valuable her precious life is and I want to show her the love of Christ in action daily.  And by showing her she will know how to do the same for her children and loved ones in her life. 

Thank you Lord for the wisdom that you grant me at the exact moment that I need it.  The morning could have turned out much worse and we could have arrived at my son’s school angry and rushed instead of peaceful and joyful.  After picking up my daughter to give her the much needed attention she sought, she was ready to be back on the floor playing within 5 minutes and we continued to prepare for our day and make our way, joyfully, out the door.

Blessing to you today and God’s ever abundant mercy as well!

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