September 15, 2012


Growing pains are inevitable when it comes to...well, growth!  My son will sometimes complain that one of his ankles hurt or his toe or some other part of his leg.  We pray for it and then I will sit by his bed and massage the ankle or leg that hurts until he thinks he feels better.  I explain to him that these are natural pains that are associated with growth and that he is on his way to becoming a big, strong man.  

I am quite familiar with growing pains.  I often pray for growth in an area where I am weak.  I pray for strength and patience and that the fruits of the Spirit would just shine through me.  So God begins a work in my heart and life and it hurt.  How could it not hurt?  Love, joy, peace, and patience are not naturally in me.  It is quite unnatural for me to have self control when all I feel I have is to grumble and complain about this or that.  It is unnatural for me to bite my tongue when I just want to have the last word...I mean, how else will anyone understand me and my feelings??  But I know that this "self" that is within can harm me and my family.  The self that wants the last word, or wants to feel better by complaining can do so much damage to our family environment.  "Self control", I say to myself.  "If I desire to learn and grow in Christ, I must have self control".  And so, it hurts.  The flesh fights the Spirit and I can only fall to my knees and pray that the Spirit will win.  I need the Spirit to win because only then, will there be peace in my home and I will experience joy;  joy that comes from knowing Christ and obeying His Word. 

And He comforts me and lets me know that He sees my frustration, He sees my struggle and my pain.  I don't need to ruin my home atmosphere by grumbling and complaining to be heard and understood.  God understands. 
I am thankful for the growing pains.  I am thankful for the growth.  And step by step, He will one day complete the work that He has begun in me. 

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns".
Philippians 1:6

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