July 13, 2010

Change Is A-Comin'

Have I mentioned my son, Matthew?  He is an energetic, fun, loving, three year old who has this awesome ability to make me smile.  He can make me smile even when I am so exhausted that I don't think I have any smiles left...he can bring them out in me.  Love, love, love, him!  I would never dare say he is perfect, because that would be a complete lie, but even his imperfections, and there are several, sometimes just make me crack up.  (Of course, they sometimes make me down-right mad).  But I feel so thankful for him today.  It was like God just knew what personality best suits me and my husband, and said "here you go, a gift from Me".  Isn't God great?  He always knows just what we need well before we ever have any clue that we need anything different at all.  It is this knowledge of my God and saviour that gives me complete peace about our upcoming birth.  We are expecting.  Did you know this?   Yep, we are expecting a baby girl in September.  I am about 29 weeks pregnant and not feeling so hot.  This pregnancy has been so different from my first.  It has been exhausting, uncomfortable, and has really slowed me down.  This baby girl moves so much that I sometimes wonder if there are 2 little ones duking it out in my belly.  Who and what is she punching at (other than my bladder)???  Amazing!  Matthew didn't move nearly half as much as this little girl. 

So, of course, the thought crosses my mind.  Does this mean that she is going to be trouble once out of the womb?  I have been told that you get one great child and then one challenging child.  Is this true, I begin to wonder?  Could this be my challenging child doing cartwheels in my belly?  And just how challenging is she?  Then, I realize these are not the type of thoughts that I should be thinking about her.  Even now, in my womb, I can encourage her and send her loving thoughts and let her know that she was made just for this family!  Not by accident, but completely by design...God's design.  Just as he sent us Matthew, whom we love and cannot imagine life without, He will send us exactly what we need.  Sure, there will be new challenges, just as there were with Matthew, and we will be stretched once again; forced to do things outside of our comfort zone, but that is all a part of God's plan for us.  If I am ever to be the woman that God desires me to be, if I am ever to grow and mature in my relationship with Christ, to become the wife and mother I hope to be, I must be stretched and pulled and molded.  A work that I am sure is never-ending!  That excites me!  I look forward to the changes ahead and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us.

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