June 01, 2011

These Sweet Moments

Alegra is nearing 9 months.  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by and now I am here thinking about where and how we might celebrate her first birthday.  Amazing!  But after experiencing this rapid rate of growth and maturity watching my oldest grow up to a young boy, I am much more appreciative of the whiny and needy days.  I am more patient when she is teething and fussy, or not napping well or just wants to be held.  I stare at her more than I did with Matthew when I am rocking her.  I enjoy watching her discover a new toy and explore the tastes of everything that I allow her to play with.  Time just breezes by and will not pause for a second when we think it should.  Troubled times, sickness, "busyness"; none of it matters much to time...it just keeps streaming by.  And so I try to really savor each moment that God gives me with my children. 

Enjoying each moment with my children is something I sometimes have to work at.  There are days when I would rather complain that I am tired and don't feel like being "mommy" today.  But those moments quickly pass when I remember that one day I will look back and realize that these are some of the best years I will experience with my kids.  They still want to cuddle and kiss, they are learning rapidly day by day and I get to teach them and spend the time with them and thoroughly be available to discover new things.  This time is a gift and I should take advantage of these moments.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a break as much as the next person, but after refuelling (which usually includes a prayer time) I am typically ready to continue our adventures. 

Psalm 127:3 says "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him". 

How easy it is to forget this when we are tired and perhaps dealing with a fussy child all day.  It is so easy to become frustrated and "fussy" ourselves.  That is when I usually ask myself, "what good will come of me being fussy?  Will that change my child's attitude for the better?"  No!  It will only make his or her attitude worse.  I find that recharging, praying, and thanking God for these children will change my attitude, help me to get a little more creative, and ultimately manage to find a way to get through to my fussy babe.  And then, a smile, a giggle, and we are at peace once more. 

Enjoy today, we will never get today back again  :)

Peace and Joy,

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