July 20, 2010


So I have quickly come to the realization that this baby girl growing in my belly is not the least bit concerned with my level of comfort and, in fact, she prefers that I stay in positions that make it impossible to fall asleep.  I am now sleeping in a recliner, next to the bed, and not even in a reclining position.  Oh no, baby girl prefers that I am sitting upright in the "recliner" with my legs propped up, pillow behind my back.  If I dare lean or recline, I immediately begin to have contractions.  Oh, it has been a fun few months and I still have about 2 months to go. 

I started having braxton hicks contractions at about 20 weeks and they have continued since.  I have one when I wake up in the morning, when I bend, when I sit back, when I stand too long, when I get off the car, when I am eating, when I am done eating, when I sit on the floor, when I sit on a hard chair, you get the point.  But my doctor has advised me that if they are not coming in any type of pattern, such as 6 in an hour for more than an hour, then I am NOT in labor!

So I wait, patiently and remain grateful that all looks well.  Despite the contractions and levels of discomfort, I am still carrying a baby girl with a heart that beats, that hiccups, kicks, and continues to grow!  Those things. alone, are a blessing.  We are eager to meet her and I am especially eager for her to be wiggling outside of my belly, not in.  :)

Peace and Love to you today.


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