August 15, 2010

Getting Ready

Well, we are just about ready to welcome "baby girl" to our home.  She now has clothes, diapers, blankets, and most of the other baby necessities.  I am 34 weeks pregnant today and much more prepared than I was three and a half years ago when my son was born.  He was born premature at 36 weeks and we were nowhere near being prepared, physically AND mentally!  It was quite a surprise.  Sooooo....this time, we are not taking any chances.  Clothes are ready to be dumped into a suitcase, and all the baby essentials are washed and
ready!  Of course I don't hope that she is born at 36 weeks, although my son was completely healthy.  I want her to come when she is healthy and strong enough to join this world. 

I have also been preparing mentally.  I started reading a book by one of my favorite bloggers, Sally Clarkson.  You can find her at  She is a wise, wise woman!  So, I am halfway through her book, The Mission of Motherhood and I absolutely love it.  And certainly, the role of "mother" can indeed be a mission for Christ if we choose to live out God's design for families.  I only wish I had come across this book before my first child was born.  Things would have made more sense much quicker and I would have understood my new role as mother much better.  I have learned so much from Sally.  I encourage you to visit her blog or read one of her many books. 

That is it for now.  Have a Blessed day!

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